Adams Speedline Driver Review

Adams has done it again.  Just when the big boys on the proverbial driver block, were thinking they are creating distance from the competition, Adams Golf comes along with another winner, the Adams Speedline.  Too early to tell just how well this driver will do, but by the looks of it, well.  Very well in fact.

Last updated on July 9, 2024 12:53 pm

Adams has a reputation of catering to the average golfer, the avid golfers that make the sport what it is today.  And it looks like they have another one here, the Speedline was introduced and has gotten the attention with the recent Gold rating from Golf Digest Hot List for Drivers Under $350.

The driver has been streamlined to help achieve aerodynamic efficiency.  The design features a scooped heel and toe slots, a smaller face and optimal crown height and curve.  The Speedline is the first driver in golf to be engineered using wind tunnel technology for superior aerodynamics. The unparalleled aerodynamics translates into higher swing speeds for all types of golfers looking for more distance.

The Adams Speedline comes in 3 lofts for the standard 8.5, 9.5, 10.5. Also available is the Draw at 9.5, 10.5, 12.5 and HL.

So what are the positives?  This driver is geared for the player looking for distance; the aerodynamics should provide a boost.  In fact, the talk from Adams is the Speedline will provide 3-4 mph more clubhead speed which translates to 3-9 more yards on the average carry!

So, are there any negatives?  Well, it’s a high launch driver geared for the recreational player.  Certainly not to say it will not suit the lower handicap, as proven it does with 3 Tour wins already! Big swingers will want to look at the Tour version of this driver due to the high launch.

Golf Digest gave it two thumbs up, need we say more.  I think this driver will do very well.  Early indications are it provides the every-day golfer a big boost in distance. Already a three-time winner on tour, the Adams Speedline is designed with three main features that reduce drag for more speed which equates to additional distance, something most all golfers look for in today’s high tech drivers.

Adams Speedline Driver











  • Aerodynamic
  • Great distance for beginners


  • High launch, not for everyone
  • Recreational play focused

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