Callaway Hex Chrome Golf Ball Review

Callaway Hex Chrome golf balls on a tropical course

Callaway as we know is one of the premier golf companies, and they keep putting out better and better products. The Hex Chrome ball is another one to add to that list.

You wouldn’t think a golf ball could change that much, but the engineers who work on the technology are amazing individuals. Very smart people.

Last updated on May 18, 2024 9:30 am

In fact, after intensively studying the ball motion and trajectory, the engineers at Callaway concluded that balls with a 3-piece construction would noticeably surpass the capabilities of their 2-piece counterpart and hence, the Callaway Hex Chrome golf ball was born.

But I wouldn’t encourage you to change your trusted golf balls just for the sake of this little innovation and, as you are about to find out, there is far more to this model.


  • The Callaway Hex Chrome ball is constructed from 3 separate pieces
  • The diameter of the S-Tech core based on polybutadiene measures 1.46 inches
  • The Dura-Spin mantle layer of the golf ball based on surlyn is approximately 0.36 inches thick
  • External cover of the Hex Chrome ball measures 0.034 inches in thickness and is constructed from thermoplastic urethane
  • The construction of the ball is based on proprietary, in-house HEX Aerodynamics technology
  • It presents dimples on approximately 100 percent of the surface for better traction
  • Reduced weight as well as reduced compression specs


Generally, there would be few things to comment regarding the appearance of the ball, as they are all round, right? This is NOT true for this golf ball this time round! Well, for the Callaway Hex Chrome one, you will immediately notice that there are more dimples along the surface compared to the standard ones.

While the typically balls have approximately 88 percent of their surface covered with dimples, the Hex Chrome’s exterior is fully dimpled. Their purpose is to generate more wind resistance, and therefore better precision.


Yes, they definitely will, because the in-house HEX Aerodynamics technology incorporated in these balls was specifically designed to improve the speed and distance of the shots for golfers who use medium hit strength.

In addition, because the weight and compression factors are reduced, the Hex Chrome balls will reach impressive distances and will definitely lower your round time and handicap score.

Forgiveness Factor

The accuracy of the strike and the overall forgiveness comes from excellent DuraSpin cover, as well as the S-Tech Core, which means that you will effectively be able to save some of the near-miss shorts.


Priced at about 35 dollars for a set of 12, the Callaway Hex Chrome golf balls are slightly more expensive than standard balls, but their quality and durability makes the purchase a steal.

You just need to think about how much work and innovation went into the creation of these balls to realize that 35 dollars is more than acceptable, isn’t it?

Callaway’s Reputation

Golf equipment reviewers have unanimously granted these golf balls five out of five stars so with this rating, it seems like a good chance to take to try them.


Having the right ball matters just as much as having the right club or tee and the moment you hit the Hex Chrome, you’ll realize their true potential in terms of speed and accuracy.

Check out this video on YouTube from Today’s Golfer for more info:

Callaway Hex Chrome Golf Ball











  • Enhanced 3-piece design
  • Full-dimpled surface
  • HEX Aerodynamics tech for distance
  • DuraSpin cover for accuracy
  • Competitive price for quality


  • Tailored mainly for medium hit strength
  • Limited to Callaway's design aesthetics
  • Potential learning curve for new users

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