Callaway Solaire Women’s Golf Clubs Review

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High performing women golfers require not only high-end looking golf clubs but those that can play just as well. The Callaway Solaire Women’s golf clubs are built correctly for all handicap levels, with premium features that can help you improve your game.

The golf club set offers both style and functionality, accommodating the skills of every woman golfer. Expect to enjoy forgiveness, distance, easy to hit, and quality design from the Callaway Solaire women golf club set.



The set includes a driver, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, 5 & 6 hybrid, and 9,7,8 irons that come in a stylish bag. These golf clubs are perfect for women of all ages, from seniors to young adults.


the driver in the Callaway Solaire Women’s Golf Club set

The drive has a broad spot that is very forgiving, offering you a reasonable distance chance even if you hit an off-center shot.


the pitching wedges are set to 48, and the sand wedges to 56 degrees. Both are lightweight and offer excellent apex height and distance.


The putter in the Callaway Solaire Women’s Golf Club set

The Callaway Solaire putter is easy to align and fits a variety of putting styles. It is easy to align nature is perfect for delivering the ball to the hole.

Irons and hybrids

The iron and hybrid clubs have been specially designed to cover each of the clubs’ distance gaps. They are perimeter- weighted, hence perfect for developing your accuracy. Perimeter- weighing offers more forgiveness to the player giving them reasonable distance even if they hit an off-center shot.

Pros of the Callaway Solaire Women’s Golf Clubs



The Callaway Solaire golf club set is lightweight thanks to the lightweight graphite material used to manufacture the shaft. Besides being light, they allow the player to hit the ball for long distances.

Stylish and Reliable Bag

The set comes in a stylish stand bag with a removable purse and a cooler pocket. The bags come in different colors for you to choose from.


The set of clubs is a very forgiving one offering plenty of launch and distance. They are also made for both right and left-handed people of either petite or standard heights. The club set is here to make golf fun for the ladies regardless of their handicap level or physic.


The high quality and configuration of this club set is value for your money. The pricing accommodates the budget of all women golfers, offering them the best functions.

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Cons of the Callaway Solaire Women’s Golf Clubs


The set does not come in a wide variety of different colors.


Who is the Callaway Solaire Women’s Golf Clubs Made For?

These clubs are not made for total beginners. Most women using the Callaway Dolaire Women’s Golf Clubs have used an absolute beginner set prior to swinging these clubs.


Callaway Solaire Women’s Golf Clubs










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