Callaway Warbird Golf Ball Review

Few things are more majestic than an eagle soaring through the sky.  Their ability to penetrate the air while cutting through wind is one I certainly would love to have, especially for my golf balls.  That’s where the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball comes in.

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The motto for the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball literally reads “Designed For Distance”, so unless you can’t read, it’s clear what the objective of these balls is.  These golf balls feature Callaway’s largest and softest core to date for maximized distance all over the course.  The ball’s thin cover is integrated with HEX Aerodynamics for more penetrating flight and consistent, low spin.  If you want distance, you’ll want the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball.

Our Thoughts

Yes, the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball is great for distance, but it lacks in other places.  Durability can be seen as an issue for these golf balls due to the extremely thin cover, although the average golfer using these likely won’t see it deter once shanked into the woods.  Some golfers have also pointed out the general ignorance of these golf balls from short range.  Extended distance is great off of the tee, but it can be tough acclimating your short range game to compensate.  It’s important to note that the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball is not your usual soft golf ball for beginners, as it is actually firmer than its Callaway brethren.  We think these are one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers and high handicappers alike, or any golfers who are talented with every club above their 6 iron but are looking for a bit of help from long distance.

Image Credit: “Callaway” by Jørn Eriksson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Callaway Warbird Golf Ball











  • Great for distance
  • Dirt cheap
  • Firm feel


  • Stubborn at short ranges
  • Not for most golfers

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