Grafalloy ProLaunch Shaft Review

Three various models of Grafalloy ProLaunch shafts

This new shaft has made a huge impact on recreational golf – the Grafalloy ProLaunch. Grafalloy has been a main brand used by both pros and recreational golfers alike who want to upgrade their clubs for many years and continues to gain popularity. Golfers looking to increase distance and add launch on their drives are flocking towards these shafts.

Last updated on August 11, 2022 3:45 pm


This was the very first shaft to be created and tested using new cutting edge launch monitoring and graphing technology. The Grafalloy uses Blue Micro-Mesh tip technology that helps keep the club head more stable compared to stock shafts. There are four models of this shaft currently: Red, Blue, Axis, and Platinum. The Blue is the best selling model by far and preferred by recreational golfers.

By upgrading to the Grafalloy Prolaunch you can expect to have improved launch angle – roughly between 11 and 14 degrees. The Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue also is one of the very first light shaft that can be used with larger club heads. This shaft will seriosuly improve any players drives, with low spin optimized for torque and distance.


This shaft is one of the highest end upgrades you can do for your golf bag, especially with your driver set – if you are looking for insane amounts of launch you need to try these shafts out. With the four different weight ranges you are sure to find a shaft that is right for your swing and play style. Check out all four options online.

Grafalloy ProLaunch Shaft











  • Great distance
  • Good launch angle


  • Better for recreational golfers

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