MW8 Moon Wood Review

MW8 Moon Wood Review

MW8 Moon Wood is a premium fairway wood designed for men and women. If you want to cut your strokes fast, then getting MW8 Moon Wood is imperative. It blends the best of mid-iron, hybrids, and woods for high and accurate launches of green-holding shots from long distance. It launches long-range approach shots that drop and stop fast, seek target accurately, and very consistent.

According to the 3 golfers who tested it against theirs, MW8 has a higher launch angle by 79%, 88% higher maximum height, 75% longer carry distance, and 81% steeper landing angle.

Last updated on April 15, 2024 12:46 am

It is very effortless compared to other hybrids in the fairway, which boosts the golfer’s confidence. It is straightforward to use and get used to it because of its consistency. There is no much learning required.


This high- quality fairway wood flaunts impressive features and advantages that a golfer will enjoy. Some of the features include:


1. Choice of Hand

You get to choose the hand that matches the other clubs in your set. For example, if you play left-handed irons, select the left hand. This feature comes in handy in terms of a golfer’s convenience. Convenience makes it feel good by merely holding it.


2. Easier Control

The MW8 is much more comfortable and easier to control than other fairway clubs because it is shorter than the typical hybrid, wood, and long iron. It offers a more consistent, upright, and more effortless swing. Its approach shots are clean, longer, and purer approach shots that make MW8 reliable and trustworthy.


3. High Launch and Ball Speed

Its shallow clubface and low center of gravity ensure you enjoy extreme high launches and more incredible ball speed. The low center of gravity is for high trajectory, which translates to less effort from the golfer. MW8 has a curved extra-wide sole for minimal resistance on turf contact for a clean glide no matter where the club strikes.


4. Legal and Conforming

MW8 can be used in all tournaments because it is approved for all play under the golf rules. It conforms to all rules of golf.


5. Manufacturer Warranty

It has a 1-year manufacturer warranty against any form of defects. A plus because its already high- quality built.

MW8 Wood Moon Golf Club











  • Iron + Hybrid + Fairway Wood
  • Unisex
  • Your Choice of Hands

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