Right Angle 2 Golf Training Aid Review

Man using the Right Angle 2 Golf Training Aid

The Right Angle 2 Golf Training Aid is a training aid designed for both men and women who are just starting out. It is neoprene-padded and has three straps to give the golfer a wide swing arc. This training aid is mainly made for the right-handed golfers though left-handed players can wear it inside the left arm. If you are learning to make shots from 100 yards, the amount of arm bending can be regulated by twisting a cam in the middle of its brace.

Right angle 2 has a clicker feature. This training aid produces a click sound when the player takes the club at the backswing top. The clicker remains quiet during the downswing; the release clicks sound at once when the player’s hand gets almost to the hip height.

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If any clicks are heard early on in the downswing, that means that you’re “casting” the club and losing power.

The durable braced Right Angle 2 boasts sweeping, powerful swing arcs, proper arm positioning at the top of the backswing, full swings, inhibiting over swinging and collapsing, and valid releases for maximum force.

woman using the Right Angle 2 Golf Training Aid
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Here are some advantages and features beginner golf players can enjoy using the Right Angle 2 Golf Training Aid:


The Right Angle 2 Golf Training Aid makes it easy for you to train because it does not fold your arm too much. It prevents the player from collapsing their right arm during backswings. Comfortable training guarantees the results of being a better golfer in a short period.

Simple Downswing

Right Angle 2 is designed to turn your shoulder and correctly positions the club on the backswing, making an easier downswing. It forms a 90-degree angle arm position. It, in simple terms, gives you a right turn when training.

Powerful and Consistent Shots

This training aid provides a wide swing radius for more power and consistency to the player’s shots. It gives very compact on-plane swings.

Choice of Hand

Although this training aid was designed for right-handed players, left-handed players can also be worn inside their left arms.

in stock
4 new from $79.95
Last updated on April 2, 2024 1:49 am

Here’s Level 3’s perspective on the Right Angle 2 Arc Width Brace:

Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginner and still struggling with your shots because of the positioning of your shoulders and arm, then we highly recommend the Right Angle 2 Golf Training Aid. With time, you’ll rely on it less and improve your shots as your brain learns the physical movement needed for the right swing.


Right Angle 2 Arc Width Brace











  • Comfortable
  • Easy To Use
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used on both hands


  • Not recommended for kids under 12

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