Robin Golf Clubs Review

A wedge from the Robin Golf club set

You can’t play golf without golf clubs. Additionally, the better the clubs, the better the play, right? Having the right clubs can put you on your A-game, so it’s important to consider your needs when purchasing quality golf clubs.

When buying golf clubs, there are a lot of things to take into account: are you a beginner? A seasoned player? Looking for something particular? Golf clubs can make a significant difference in performance, with beginner clubs being easier to manage and tour-level clubs giving more precision and control.

Today we’re going to be reviewing Robin Golf Clubs. Let’s see if these clubs are a hole-in-one so you can get hit a hole-in-one.

About the Brand

Robin Golf is a brand that believes that golf is the greatest game on earth (no surprise there). Founded by Peter Marler, Andrew Marler and his wife, Ali, they believe it to be character-building, a great technique for discipline, and a way for people to spend quality time with those they choose to chicken run with. This family-owned business works hard so you don’t have to suffer through nine holes.

The modern-day player needs modern golf clubs, which is where Robin Golf swoops in. After noticing a void in the industry that catered to their needs and overwhelmed them with choices, high prices, and confusing lingo, Robin Golf was born to make buying high-quality golf clubs easier and more approachable.


Robin Golf clubs are sleek, stylish, light, forgiving, comfortable, and high-quality. Who said that golf has to be a punishing sport? Carrying these around and finding the perfect club to hit that sweet spot is easy when it comes to their wide range of golf clubs that each come with unique features, which we’ll get into down below.


Robin Golf clubs are designed with the intention to give players all across the spectrum of experience the most high-quality clubs that can help them achieve success and reach their golfing goals. Manufactured in the same facilities and using top-of-the-line materials that are found in other superior-quality clubs, they are thoroughly tested by pros and beginners alike by combining comfort, quality, and style.


With so many options to choose from, Robin Golf clubs performance level depends on what you’re looking for. When it comes to beginners, easy-to-use and manageable clubs can help you level up as you learn the trade. For more experienced golfers, higher-range options can help you meet your goals and flourish while becoming better and better.

Men’s Essentials 9 Club Set

If you’re looking for the essentials to get your A-game on, check out Robin Golf Men’s Essentials 9 Club Set. This set consists of the nine essential clubs you’ll need to take the course by storm, designed to help you learn while still being forgiving.

This men’s set includes a powerful titanium driver, a graphite wood fairway wood, a graphite and stainless steel hybrid, steel irons and pitching wedge (5/7/9/P), a sleek sand wedge, a steel putter, a handy bag, and leather head covers to keep your clubs in optimal condition.

Women’s Essentials 9 Club Set

Robin Golf Women’s Essentials 9 Club Set is just like the one above but made for women. While golf used to be a sport reserved for only men, it is now (thankfully) something that everybody and anybody can enjoy.

This set is perfect for those who want to dip their toes in the water and start off with simple, easy-to-use, forgiving, and intuitive golfing tools.

This 9-piece set includes:

  • Titanium driver
  • Graphite wood-crafted fairway wood
  • Graphite and stainless steel hybrid club
  • Steel irons and a pitching wedge
  • An elegant sand wedge
  • A steel putter
  • Easy-to-carry golf club bag
  • Head covers for the clubs

Men’s Competition 13 Club Set

If you’re looking for something on a competition level, look no further than Robin Golf Men’s Competition 13 Club Set. Crafted for ultimate versatility and made with premium components and technology that will up your performance while still being forgiving, this set is perfect for the not-so-novice player.

You’ll find 13 clubs in this set, including a titanium driver, a fairway wood, a steel-inforced hybrid, irons and a pitching wedge (4-9), sand and lob wedges (PW, SW, LW), a putter that delivers accuracy, and a bag with leather head covers to keep the clubs safe from harm.

Women’s Competition 13 Club Set

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Girls – we’ve got you too. Robin Golf Women’s Competition 13 Club Set is the perfect way to up your golfing game on the course and make your way to the pros.

This set of 13 clubs has everything you could wish for on the green – a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, irons (4-9), wedges (PW, SW, LW), a putter, a light bag and leather head covers to keep your clubs intact no matter the weather.

Junior’s Essentials Golf Set

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A childhood interest in golf can lead to a lifetime love of the sport, which is where Robin Golf Junior’s Essentials Golf Set comes in. It comes in two options: a set of six clubs for youth ages 6-8 and a set of seven clubs for youth ages 9-12, designed to keep the passion going.

The six-club set includes a driver, hybrid, irons (7/9), sand wedge, putter bag, and head covers. The seven-club set has all the above, plus a wood for some extra support for older kids that are getting ahead of their game.

Men’s Power Set

If you’re looking to expand your club collection and bring in some extra power, take a look at Robin Golf Men’s Power Set. This set of three clubs is made to go the distance from the first swing.

With an all-titanium driver, a 3 wood fairway to play the long game, and a graphite shaft and stainless steel hybrid, you’ll up your game in no time. Plus, leather head covers keep these high-quality clubs safe from harm.

Women’s Power Set

Women have a chance to get a hold of the set mentioned above too – Robin Golf Women’s Power Set is made to last and keep you on your A-game while hitting golf balls high and far. This three-club set includes a great driver, a 3 wood, a hybrid, and leather head covers.

Men’s Sink It Set

If you’re in need of some putters, Robin Golf Men’s Sink It Set has got you covered. The two-club set includes a sand wedge with a graphite shaft and a sleek head to get you back into the green, along with a putter and a head cover.

Women’s Sink It Set

Sick of sticking it in the sand? Use Robin Golf Women’s Sink It Set to make your way back onto the course and into the pro leagues. The set includes a sand wedge for you to chip it close and make the putt, plus a putter with a head cover. This set will go great with your club collection.

Men’s Fairway Set

Irons are essential for propelling the ball toward the hole, which is why Robin Golf Men’s Fairway Set is a great option if you’re looking to expand your irons collection. This set includes four clubs: 5, 7, and 9 irons plus a pitching wedge.

Women’s Fairway Set

For women looking to up the irons game, the Robin Golf Women’s Fairway Set is also available. These clubs will help you keep killing it on the green. Help finesse it to the green with 5, 7, and 9 irons and a pitching wedge to take you over the edge.

Men’s 4/6/8 Irons + 60° wedge

If you already have the 9-Club Essentials set, consider getting the Robin Golf Men’s 4/6/8 Irons + 60° for added range and versatility with 4/6/8 irons and a 60° lob wedge.

Women’s 4/6/8 Irons + 60° wedge

For women who have the essentials, upgrading with Robin Golf Women’s 4/6/8 Irons + 60° is a great option. You’ll get more bang for your buck with 4/6/8 irons and a 60° lob wedge that’ll bring out your best game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Robin Golf Clubs Good?

Robin Golf Clubs are great for beginners and advanced players alike, with high-quality clubs and forgiving technology that makes golfing a breeze.

Who Makes Robin Golf Clubs?

Robin Golf clubs are manufactured in Asia and assembled in the U.S. by Robin Golf. The 90-day return policy allows flexibility to test out the quality guilt- and risk-free.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

Robin Golf clubs are a great option for the beginner or for those who want to upgrade from beginner. While pros can enjoy them too, these intuitive and forgiving clubs are clearly made for those who are still on their way to the top. The quality is good, and the competitive distance makes for a great learning experience that’ll help you up your golf game. The price-to-quality ratio is what it’s all about.

You can buy Robin Golf clubs online or visit one of their store locations in different areas of Florida, South Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland, Vermont, Georgia, Ohio, and other states.

And to recap, here are all the Robin Golf clubs available, sorted by price:

Robin Golf Clubs













  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Superior performance and distance
  • Innovative design and technology
  • Wide range of options for different skill levels
  • Good value for the price


  • Limited availability at some retail locations
  • Not as well-known as some other major brands
  • Some users may not prefer the aesthetic design - but we love it!

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