Sunday Golf Loma XL Review

A Sunday Golf Loma XL golf bag on the green

When it comes to minimalist golf bags, there’s always been a balance between functionality and compactness. The Loma XL from Sunday Golf, however, might just be that perfect blend that many golfers have been yearning for.

Introducing the Loma XL

Sunday Golf brings us the premium Loma XL, an upgrade to their signature Loma Bag. Right out of the gate, this bag speaks to those who love the game but dislike the cumbersome nature of traditional golf bags.

Travel Light and Smart

One of the standout features of this bag is its lightweight design. Weighing in at a mere 3.4 pounds, it makes walking the course a breeze. Gone are the days of parking at cart path signs and lugging your heavy bag to your ball. With the Loma XL, walking the fairway is as carefree as a stroll in the park.

Expanded Design for The Minimalist Golfer

Recognizing that golfers might need a couple more clubs for those specific shots, Sunday Golf expanded the Loma design. Now, it can accommodate a few additional clubs without compromising the minimalist essence. And the inclusion of a padded double strap is a nod to those who love to walk the course. No more shoulder strains or awkward single-strap carries.

Features for the Modern Golfer

Double Strap System

The double strap feature is a game-changer. Not only does it distribute the weight of the clubs evenly, but it also ensures comfort and ease during those long walks between holes.

3-Way Top Divider

The 3-way top divider is a smart design choice, allowing you to fit up to 8 clubs. This is perfect for those rounds where you just need a select group of clubs without the unnecessary extras.

Frosty Insulated Pocket

For the golfer who loves a cold beverage on the course, the frosty insulated pocket is a dream come true. No more lukewarm drinks; your beverage stays chilled, round after round.

Velour-Lined Valuables Pocket

Gone are the worries of where to safely store your valuables. With a velour-lined pocket, your items not only remain safe but are treated to a touch of luxury.

Full-Length Dualflex Stand System

Setting down your bag is smooth with the full-length Dualflex stand system. Stability is assured, ensuring your bag remains upright and your clubs easily accessible.

For Whom is the Loma XL Best Suited?

The Loma XL is tailored for the golfer who loves simplicity yet doesn’t want to compromise on the essentials. If you’re someone who values a lightweight bag but still wants the perks of a few luxury features, the Loma XL is your dream come true.


  • Lightweight design for easy transport
  • Ample space with a 3-way divider system
  • Insulated pocket for beverages
  • Velour-lined pocket for valuables
  • Sturdy and reliable stand system


  • Limited to carrying 8 clubs
  • Might not be suitable for golfers who prefer traditional, larger bags

FAQs about the Loma XL

How many clubs can the Loma XL carry?

The Loma XL can comfortably accommodate up to 8 clubs.

Is the bag water-resistant?

The product description doesn’t specify its water resistance. It’s always best to check directly with the manufacturer or use a rain cover during wet conditions.

Can I carry a full set of clubs in this bag?

No, the Loma XL is designed for a minimalist setup of up to 8 clubs.

Is the stand durable?

Yes, the full-length Dualflex stand system provides stability and reliability.

What makes this bag different from the regular Loma bag?

The Loma XL is an expanded version with features like a padded double strap, the ability to carry more clubs, and enhanced pockets for beverages and valuables.


For those looking for a blend of minimalist design and functional features, the Sunday Golf Loma XL is a compelling choice. From its lightweight frame to its well-thought-out pockets, it’s clear this bag was crafted with the modern golfer in mind. Whether you’re playing a quick nine or walking a full eighteen, the Loma XL promises to be a reliable companion.

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Sunday Golf Loma XL











  • Ultra-lightweight at 3.4 pounds.
  • Can accommodate up to 8 clubs with a 3-way divider.
  • Frosty insulated pocket keeps beverages cold.
  • Velour-lined pocket for safe storage of valuables.
  • Dualflex stand system ensures stability.


  • Limited capacity (only up to 8 clubs).
  • Not specified if water-resistant.
  • Might not be for those preferring larger bags.

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