Taylormade Golf Rbz Black Fairway Wood Review

Taylormade Golf Rbz Black Fairway Wood

The Golf Taylormade Rbz Black Fairway woods is a great success in the generation of golfers. With this updated version, golfers benefit the new aggressive style accompanied by its powerful performance. The high-tech club is designed with a revolutionary speed that helps to send the ball higher and further. The effectiveness is further enhanced by the shallower profile, which lowers the center of gravity. The adjustment features are incredibly useful in helping you weigh the gadget in the right direction. Combing all this together, you get incredible performance from Taylormade RBZ Black Fairway Wood.

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Last updated on May 16, 2024 5:02 pm

Who Can Use this Fairway wood?

Due to its sheer versatility and forgiveness, the club remains a favorite for both beginners and handicappers. However, even golf pros find it comfortable because of its adjustable loft and high-quality 460cc titanium club. The fairway is a snack because it offers tremendous power and control, giving you the confidence to compete with the best. This club’s demand has increased, and many golfers are keen to know if it’s still relevant in 2020. They are also interested in learning the pros of this club compared to the rival products like Cleveland, cobra, and ping. In this Taylormade Golf Rbz Fairway Wood review, we will address why the club is unique ‘and why it is different from the others.

What makes it Unique?

There are numerous desirable features in Taylormade Black Fair Wood, but some few features stand out from the rest. The all-around titanium head has improved aerodynamics to reduce the club’s overall weight to enable you to swing it faster and get more distance. The center of gravity has also been lowered significantly and moved forward to give a high l lose spin bolt flight. Combining these changes with the lighter fifty grams shaft, you have a club that weighs less than three hundred grams, which is impressive. This club also has a great appearance characterized by a large flex setting and an attractive black, white, and gold design. When you combine that with its high-quality shaft, you end with one of the leading golf brands globally.

Why is the Fairway Wood Great for Golfers?

One of the most underrated features in the golf club is the grip. Taylormade Golf Rbz Black Fairway Wood’s grip is made with top quality textures that make your golf playing experience enjoyable. Your hands feel very secure and tight when holding the club. You will not have to deal with regular slips from the club when playing. Also, the size of the grip is standard and suits most golfers.

Taylor Made Men's RBZ Fairway











  • Shallow profile
  • Lightweight 55 rocket shaft


  • High launch not for lower handicapped

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