Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball Review

If there was a limbo stick on every tee box of a golf course, then what type of golf ball would be best? One that flies low of course. For golfers looking to keep their shots low, look no further than the Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball.

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The Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball continues the theme of high quality golf balls from Titleist, but the theme of this golf ball is all about staying low. In terms of ball flight, the golf ball’s dual core is 66% larger than the former model, which keeps ball spin low. Low ball spin equates to lower trajectory and more distance off the tee. Furthermore, the low spin of the Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball keeps the ball from rolling off of the green on iron shots and improves the ball stopping control.

Our Thoughts

While all golf balls look the same, most are made for specific types of golfers, and the Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball is no different. While not as popular as the Pro V1, this Titleist creation is as perfect as any, but for a specific type of golfer only. If you are a slow swinging golfer looking for more spin and height on your shots, then look elsewhere. If you are a skilled golfer who likes to squeeze distance out of drives by keeping low flight, or if you have the talent to not want spin to affect your ball placement, then the Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball is for you.

Check out this great comparison video by YouTuber Jack South Golf:

Image Credit: “#4” by Ricardo Bernardo is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball











  • Low flight
  • Low spin
  • Great for hard hitters


  • Price
  • Best for fewer types of golfers

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