Volvik Crystal Golf Ball Review

Do you lose golf balls often?  Of Course you do, you’re a golfer!  But seriously, it isn’t always easy finding white golf balls in the rough, or deciphering your golf balls from someone else’s.  Plus, if your golf game is nothing special, then why not let your equipment show your creativity?  As someone who frequents in losing golf balls, I love using Volvik Crystal Golf Balls.

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The Volvik Crystal Golf Ball is an excellent option for golfers looking for a quality golf ball with a little creativity.  These feature a 3-layer build with a soft outer layer and a firm inner core for strike optimization.  The Volvik Crystal Golf Balls also have great spin control for short range shots, and come in a variety of colors like white, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and more.  At the very least, you will never mix up your golf balls with others, and they’ll be much easier to find.

Our Thoughts

While these Volvik Crystal Golf Balls come in a wide array of colors, it is unfortunately their main feature.  The golf balls are not as low compression as advertised, so slower swingers and rookie golfers won’t get maximum distance.  As for mid handicap and highly skilled golfers, these golf balls aren’t going to perform as well as other brands namely because they are just more simply built.  But for you with average skills or just golf for fun, then Volvik Crystal Golf Balls are an awesome choice for the links.

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Volvik Crystal Golf Ball











  • Many color options
  • Great for average golfers
  • Durable


  • Neither soft nor firm
  • Not the best value for performance

Mike Terry

Mike has been golfing since a young teen and used to be great... until taking a break not picking up a club again until his 30's. His main goal is to help beginners and experienced golfers alike improve their game and find the best gear. While he is not golfing, he also writes about various other topics including security, cannabis, and video games.

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