Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Golf Club Set Review

Wilson Women's Ultra Complete Golf Club Set Review

Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Set is designed explicitly for women, it comes with regular flex lightweight shafts, putter excluded, and soft all-season grips idealized for women. The cart bag has three commodious pockets lined with fleece, shoulder straps double-padded, and handle top rugged. The set features 431 stainless steel irons with low center of gravity and perimeter-weighted steel irons for improved accuracy. Its driver is high-lofted to provide a big sweet spot and a high swing speed for higher ball flight.


The club set provides a very low weight, easy launch sand wedge characterized by a wide sole, which guarantees better greenside control and improved shots.

The club set from the Wilson Sports Goods team is very manageable. The bag has many pockets and is easy to carry around. Whether a beginner or an experienced golfer, this complete set comes in handy and excellent.

Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Golf Club Set flaunts awe-inspiring features for a golfer to have the best-golfing experience. Some of these features include:

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Great for Starters/Beginners

You do not want to spend much as a beginner on club sets because you are still trying out. This club set is relatively cheap for its quality compared to the second-hand sets on offer. It is fit for starters because it is very lightweight, easy to carry on one shoulder, effortless swings, and perfectly fits the hands. This set is perfect for golfers who have not committed to golfing yet; you spend less; it looks great and is classy. Ease of use is what every beginner looks for.  This is mostly why we recommend this set as one of the best women’s golf club sets for beginners.


Choice of Hand


The club set comes in both right and left hand. You can choose depending on other clubs in location or the hand to your preference. This feature makes the club set more convenient for the golfers.

Cheap Set

The quality Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Golf Club Set offers exceeds the customer’s expectations due to its low price. The clubs are worth the price. You spend less than $400 for a complete set, very comfortable, well designed, perfect zippers, lightweight, and a built-in bag stand. It is definitely worth your money.


The Bag Comes with Many Pockets

The bag comes with many compartments that give you a more orderly experience and holds all the gear you will need in the field. A compartment outside can hold about two golf balls for easy access rather than having to get them inside, which can be cumbersome. The pockets are flee-lined; a golfer can stick their hands in when playing during cold seasons.


Graphite Clubs

The clubs in the set are made of graphite. Graphite makes the clubs light, flexible, and easy to swing significantly for women. Graphite shafts are more flexible than steel for slower swings by beginners, more comfortable use by young golfers, and shorter adult golfers.


Bag Options

This club set offers two bag options; the cart bag and the carry. The cart bag has its shoulder strap padded for comfortable handling while the carry bag has a carry strap and a bag stand. Both are easy to use and roomy, depending on what you prefer.

Wilson Women's Complete Golf Set











  • Great for Beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Graphite Clubs
  • Good Quality bag

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