Ping G10 Driver Review

Ping G10 Driver Review

Ping G10 Driver The great looking new Ping G10 Driver comes in an attractive metallic orange color scheme that might just distract you from its outstanding performance. Designed for optimal energy transfer, every aspect of the Ping G10 has been tweaked to help craft the optimal club for phenomenal distance and ultimate forgiveness.




With a slightly wider 460cc titanium club head that produces a massive MOI for greater forgiveness and a more subtle half-moon alignment aid on the crown, the Ping G10 has certainly won the hearts of many golfers, especially with its improved technology. The Ping G10 has internal weight pads that reposition discretionary weight from the crown, hosel and face to optimize the CG location for a higher launch and lower spin.


Sporting a deeper face that features variable thickness technology, the Ping G10 boasts a massive hitting area coupled with high ball velocity on off-center shots. By further combining the remodeled designs of the sole, ultra-thin crown and deep face, it simply adds up to constructing a powerful, most forgiving club.

Ping G10 Driver Review



The Ping G10 Driver confidently sets the ball flying off the face with a satisfying solid sound at impact, delivering an unbelievably long, penetrating ball flight. Fitted with a newly revised shaft – the TFC 129D – the Ping G10 is designed to accommodate a wide range of golfers, offering different torques to fit Regular, Stiff or Senior flexes, the Grafalloy ProLaunch Red (R, S & X) and UST V2 High Launch 65 (R, S & X).


The Ping G10 also comes in a draw version, featuring a hosel that is situated further forward from the face to help square the club face at impact. Weight is deployed further southwards, closer to the heel to achieve a draw bias with the help of internal weighting.


Whichever version it comes in, the Ping G10 Driver has covered all areas technologically and can effectively yield a solid, positive performance. Even the most zealous traditionalists will be ecstatic with G10’s performance.


The Ping G10 comes in 9, 10.5, 12 and 13.5 degree lofts.

Player’s Feedback


In a Golf School I was advised to get a higher degree driver for more forgiveness. I decided on the PING G10 13.5. It works for me, my drives are just as long or longer than with a 10 degree driver and I have reduced my fade signicantly. I recommend this club to others who have a tendency to slice without trying.


I used this 9 degree, stiff shafted club for the first time today…pulled the plastic off the head and hit it 304 down the middle. I only missed two fairways. The set up with the half moon seems pleasing to me when standing over the ball. Overall easier to hit than my 9.5 R5 with Biomatrix stiff shaft. Not all were in the sweet spot, but it’s forgiveness is far greater than the old Taylor Made driver. Most guys I play with can’t even come close to the extra 10 yards this club offered today. Every par 5 was reachable today and that hasn’t happened in a long time. The last drive was 312 which made birdie much easier on the par 5 18th. If you’re playing an older R5 like I was, do yourself a favor and get this club as soon as you can.


I picked up the G10 as a demo and stuck (plugged actually) my first shot on a 310-yard, uphill par 4. I was very long off the tee to begin with, but this club upped the ante another 10-15 yards and has been deadly accurate. First round driving average was about 330 on a soaking wet course… needless to say I didn’t give this bad boy back.

Ping G10 Driver










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